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Erogen X – powerful and harmless tool for the augmentation of the penis

the small penis in the man, as this affects the sexual life

According to statistics, more than 30% of the men living in the territory of the countries unhappy with the size of your penis. It is very negatively in the self-esteem, does not give the feeling of being full and sure of himself. The problem of a small phallus that is of concern not only to adolescents, but also adult men. Fortunately, nowadays this problem can be solved not only through surgery, which is very dangerous and requires many financial expenses. Gel to increase penis Erogen X allows you to improve the circulation and to increase considerably the dimensions of the cavernous body.

Why men want to enlarge penis?

The average size penis of a man in italy – 13 inches and only 5% of men the penis size greater than 16 inches. Of course, the girls can say that this is not so and is important, what is more important, in the measure of a man understanding in bed, but there are already such that it can be blatantly ridicule a guy with a small penis and cause serious psychological damage in the rest of the life.

Modern medicine offers not there are many options of penis enlargement. Basically, it is the surgery, which carry significant risks to the sexual health and reproductive health of men. After the operation must comply with the abstinence during the period of rehabilitation.

In the process of the operation in the male sexual organ is inserted strange implants, there is a risk that is not used and will produce the inflammation. With this, not all patients are satisfied with the results, after the surgical intervention can result in a decrease of the sensitivity of the erogenous zones, which will lead to the reduction of the pleasure of the sexual relationship.

Specialists recommend the use of non-invasive method of gel for the augmentation of the penis Erogen X. The tool will increase the circulation of the blood and contributes to a better growth of the proteins of the body, both in length and girth.

What are the advantages of a large penis?

How it works Erogen X

Erogen X - unique gel for the augmentation of the penis
  1. The effects of the gel occurs at the cellular level, penetrating into the interior of the protein bodies, the cream causes a powerful flow of blood and the stretching of the cavernous chambers inside the penis, increases its elasticity.
  2. Increases the content of proteins and collagen in the tissues of the penis, which produces a growth of the tissue both in length as in diameter. Cells to rejuvenate and recover, the penis becomes more firm and elastic.
  3. The gel contains a stimulating substance, which means that increase the sensitivity and increase the time of intercourse, allowing to obtain of the most brilliant and profound sensations of intercourse.

Why the experts recommend Erogen X?

The advantages of the gel for the penis enlargement Erogen X before operational intervention are evident, the gel works much faster, is not a risk to health and much more accessible. After a period of rehabilitation, and in addition to all of the tool enhances the erection and the blood flow of the penis.

But, why should you choose Erogen X among the analogues: creams and gels, which also promise a penis?

The composition of the gel Erogen X

Extract of calendula in the composition of the Erogen X

In the composition of the gel Erogen X are safe components stimulate the rejuvenation and recovery of sexual cells of the authority, which stimulate the circulation of the blood and increase the sexual desire.

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Review of the medical

The doctor The urologist Giovanni Giovanni
The urologist
The experience of:
14 years
The size of the penis is much more of the men, what they think first. Since the penis has an important psychological meaning as a symbol of virility, even in our advanced century. More than 70% of men in italy dissatisfied with the size of their penis and would like to increase, but are afraid of the operations. In that case, I suggest to patients to try the gel for the augmentation of the penis Erogen X, is a tool that allows you to improve the elasticity of the fibers and to take advantage of the natural capacity for growth. This can give an increase of 4-5 centimeters, which is more than enough for the vast majority.